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  1. These two were towed to the airpark at Hurlburt today (15 Aug 2015). The AC-130H is 69-6575 (LM# 4349), the MC-130P is 65.0994 (LM# 4157). The gunship is on it's permanent pads, the papa will be pulled onto it's pads later (weather permitting...). Pictures taken under overcast skies in evening.
  2. These are the pix I took of 62 1834 at Will rogers ANG. I put the wrong date in my original post, these were taken 14 Apr 2012, not March. It was out on the ramp when I took the pictures, but a GM view shows it pushed back on the ramp next to the base ops hangar.
  3. Bob, This is a picture of 62-1834 at Will Rogers airport Oklahoma City 14 Mar 2012. Talking to the folks inside base ops it had been there a couple of months, and the plan is to keep it there for a ground trainer for the Air Force aeromedical outfit stationed there. This is low res, I have more shots of it (7 all together), they are about 4mb each. I would like to upload them for you to use in the gallery. Let me know which would be the best way, just post like this? Also, I can make them all lower res like this one (approx 900k) but thought you might like the best resolution. Chris
  4. That patch is shown on the Thailand - Laos - Cambodia Brotherhood site. You might try some of the links there, lots of folks from that time period maybe including the folks that wore it originally. http://www.tlc-brotherhood.org/patches.html
  5. Bob - Could you please send me a copy again to [email protected]. I guess I have "issues" with the hotmail account I gave you previously and I did not recieve it. Again, thanks for all the hours it takes to make this site happen, and I apologize for the do-over request. Chris
  6. Bob - Please send me a copy to [email protected]. Thank you for keeping this site going! Chris
  7. All current AF pubs are available here: http://www.e-publishing.af.mil/ On that page click on the "Departmental" under where it says "Air Force" in the middle left of the page. AFI 84-103 is also uploaded with this post.
  8. 0567 Hurlburt Field airpark 02 Apr 2011. Apologies - bright midday sun, cheesy camera. Nope, wingtip not over road, but you can wait in the shade at the crosswalk. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2049[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2050[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2051[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2052[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2053[/ATTACH]
  9. Four pix on Lockheed's flickr stream... http://www.flickr.com/photos/lockheedmartin/
  11. Here's a link with some more info: http://www.popasmoke.com/visions/image.php?source=1589 Chris
  12. Public domain info from LM. Essentially a KC-130J with the additions listed in the news release. (The first file is a printable version of the link in the first post by JCC140965 with an additional picture of the tow)
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