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  1. 212 was logged through Virginia on 9/21. 211, 212 and 214 were all logged through VA on 10/22 during the same period of time, roughly 1135 to 1220 local.
  2. Anybody have an explanation for why 168069 is using the Otis callsign right now? It's on the east coast as OTIS11.
  3. Today another unidentified C-130 using mode-S code AE293A and HKY96 for a callsign came through my area at FL270 around 12:15-12:45pm.
  4. 07-8609 may now be enroute to Ramstein. A C-130 using mode-S code AE2210 with the callsign HKY99 passed through the Mid-Atlantic region today, in the Virginia area between 10-10:30 am local. I guess we'll have to wait a bit to see what shows up across the pond.
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