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    My first assignment out of UPT was to C-130s in PACAF. Flew B Models out of Clark, April 70 through November 71. Assigned originally to the 773rd and then moved over to the 774th just prior to returning stateside. Only have a total of 950 hours in the Herk (620 combat time). Went on to fly the T-37 as a UPT instructor at Vance and then a T-37 IP/FE at Mather with the navigator training program and ACE. Did a tour at the USAF Survival School at Fairchild, A-10s at Myrtle Beach, ACSC at Maxwell, a NATO staff tour in Naples, Italy, and then Hogs again at England AFB. Last assignment was commander of the 23 Component Repair Squadron at EAFB. Retired after 20 years and 28 days as a Lt Col.
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  1. The beach below Herky Hill was great! Unfortunately, one day we found the water full of Portuguese Man-of-Wars! Nasty.
  2. I take exception to Major Mills superficial and somewhat inaccurate description of fighter pilots! Myself, I characterize myself as a "blunt and ugly driver." I was fortunate enough to fly the C-130B, hauling trash in Vietnam; was an instructor pilot in the T-37 at Vance and Mather AFBs; and had two tours in the A-10 Warthog! I suggest that DJ get a pilot training slot anyway possible and once in a position to make a choice of big or little, do so. I would not, however, ever recommend that some become a lawn dart viper driver....Fly Safe, Clod
  3. Clod


    Ray, A CD would be great if you wouldn't mind. Mail to CT Sullivan, 2132 Beverly Beach Drive NW, Olympia, WA 98502. Thanks again and Fly Safe, Clod
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    INS/DooplerTroop, Thanks for the search. A couple of my friends brought copies home but....! Clod
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    Gentlemen, The TAD or Tactical Airdrome Directory was a booklet about the size of the US approach plate books. It had an airfield diagram and/or picture of every field in South Vietnam and the fields were listed by name and by "Victor" number. Very useful when you were being diverted! Clod :)
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    I am looking for a TAD (early 70s if possible). I did a Google search which turned me on to the Herky Birds site! Now I can't locate the thread discussion on TADs!! Anyone have one or a contact? Thanks! Clod:confused:
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