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  1. scenario: 1) Aircraft is unserviceable, on base 2) Parked, moored in closed hangar 3) Desert to mid-Tropical 4) Engines GTC removed/preserved Thanks.
  2. First let me all say Hello to everyone! Newbie here! Im applying for a job as a Planning Assistant and have been asked to create test maintenance program for a specific type of aircraft and scenarios accompanying it, in this case a Lockheed C130B set for PDM Jan 2008. I have a basic set of maint. programs to get reference from, but will appreciate your help in determining the following: 1) Which main Components are to be replaced? 2) Which small components are to be replaced? The scenario is: a)Aircraft total Flying hours is 17,920.00 b)Aircraft status is unserviceable. c)Aircraf
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