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  1. Thank you, that's exactly what i was looking for =) i'm curious if this is on all c-130's or if it's only on certain ones...i see that is out of the H...i worked on the E models and it had them, but i'm not sure about others.
  2. me again =) since i'm at a C-17 base, i no longer have access to a C-130 job guide, if somewould could please post a shot of the job guide of the page that talks about disengaging the locks prior to removing the actuator that would be most helpful lol thanks
  3. btw, if anyone could post a pic of the lock, that would be most helpful =O thanks,
  4. Hello, I was a crew dog on a C-130 for 15 years...anyways, we're having a debate at work about the cargo door (I'm a C-17 crew dog now). Some of the fella's i work with think the C-130 cargo door is only locked in the closed position with pressurization. I worked on 130s that had a snubber infront of the actuator so i'm not sure if it's the same on all 130's or just the ones with the snubber, but I remember having to replace the spring on the cargo door lock latch mechanism on the side of the cargo door, that can only be unlocked by either A. operating door normally with hydraulics. or B. manually opening the cargo door...or C. if you climb up and pull up on the cables just behind the actuator you could unlatch the locks that way. long story short, anyone have any insight on these locks....do some c-130's have no latches and only the use acft pressurization to keep the door closed? I have $100 bucks on this one, but i'm pretty certain you cannot open the cargo door with these locks engaged... the cable is linked to the actuator so the locks automatically unlatch when the door is operated normally...but say you take out the actuator and then try to lift the cargo door using the come along....door isnt going anywhere unless you unlatch the locks on the side...or am i missing something?
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