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  1. Confirm 175000 lbs...is it not effected fuselage structure or oleo?
  2. Hi guys, just want to confirm about maximum gross weight and fuel for c130h for staging and taxi.can someone show any document about that.tq all.
  3. Hai guys, what is speed limit for apu door?is it state in any book or document?
  4. Hai guys...what is the minimum torque for c130h lift off?
  5. Hai i just to know....if all of you do the airdrop personal, is it the stall speed at drop card must times 1.2?why we must times 1.2vs for drop airspeed and why 1.2?tq
  6. Hello sir can i get it? I sure that softcopy very good for my reference.tq sir. [email protected]
  7. what you all understand about nose wheel wobbling?what cause?is it any limitation about it?
  8. when advance throttle, the TIT increase until 860 then back to range x over TIT(800 - 840) and the other situation when advance throttle the TIT increase then back to 780 not under range x-over. is it can be problem for our engine performance?
  9. What the effect if high cross over cut TIT ( example : 860 degrees) and low cross over cut TIT ( example : 780 degrees). TQ:confused:
  10. Can someone give me definition of "engine on speed"?is it any reference for this definition?
  11. Flaps microswitch for warning horn landing gear for C130H is 70% and KC130H is 80%. Is it any explanation about it?
  12. Anyway....thanks.yes, you already solve 50% in my question. thanks a lot.
  13. Thanks a lot tenten...it is great have information inside your FM.From my FM382C-57D just state Low speed ground idle operation "Prior to downshifthing from normal to low speed ground idle, ensure that forward velocity including wind is less than 30 knots" Normal engine shutdown "When is is necessary to shutdown engines during taxi, ensure that forward velocity including wind is less than 20 knots"
  14. Thanks...can u e-mail any article statement or reference about this?
  15. Why for low speed ground idle speed limit is 30 knots and shutdown engine 20 knots on ground:cool:?
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