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  1. Thanks for the advice MC130pfe. I will give it a shot and see if I can get any more info. Have you heard about what crew positions they are including in the MC-130J?
  2. I flew the C-130H/E before the white jet tour. Most of my buddies do agree that the J model is a whole new airplane when it comes to the interior. Sck166 thanks for your input. I'll take your word for it that the extra training is worth it in the long run. I don't mind it at all, just wish I had some kind of a game plan and some reasoning as to why they are sending me down this path. Now if only someone knew a MC-130J pilot that has been through all the training and could tell me what to expect, that would be sweet....
  3. I see your point and I do agree that training should never be shortened. I think that happens way too often especially with the cost cutting and all. I guess my thinking was that an initial J model course that included only an instrument check and a landing check would be good enough considering the differences that exist in the formation and airdrop procedures between the regular slick 130 and the MC-130. But, again, I could be wrong. Perhaps they are similar, and in that case the long J model course would make sense.
  4. Jeffysan- I'm not trying to evaluate anything about the MC-130J. I know very little (other than what I've heard from a few MC-130 guys) about the mission. All I'm trying to get is some information on why I'm going through the entire C-130J course and what the training plans look like after Little Rock. Does Kirtland have a MC-130J program set up yet? Have they received a shipment of planes? Just looking for info...
  5. I'm finishing up a white jet tour and I've been assigned to the MC-130J. As Air Force standard goes, I don't know a damn thing about the future plans of this airplane and I can't find any information anywhere. What's worse is that I'm pretty sure "they" aren't sure about the training flow. I was expecting to attend a shortened version of J model training and then start a mission oriented training on the MC-130J. But, it looks like they've set me up to attend the entire J model course to include the airdrop and airland portions. It makes no sense to me and makes me wonder if they are making us go through the entire training because they aren't sure what else to do with us until the new airplanes show up. As far as I know, none have actually been completed yet. I would love to know if anyone anyone has any more information out there, or if there is someone on the forum headed to the MC-130J.
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