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  1. We tried the inverter in DC pos. and we still get the #1 and 2 flicker. On a good note we changed the valve housing on #4 and the problem seems to be fixed. So we tried it (changing valve housings) on 1 and 2 and they are still flickering. So as it stands when the throttles are pulled from 1077 to flight idle gens 1 and 2 give a gen out light. Gens 3 and 4 are holding strong with no issues.
  2. Here is the latest of our "problem"... #1, 2, 4 gen outs flicker when throttles are pulled from 1077 to Flight Idle. There has been some improvement. The valve housing was changed on #4 prop and now #4 will not flicker. We are hoping this is the cure to # 1, and 2!
  3. The APU gen is not usu online. It happens either way on the engines though... Thanks for the info on the T.O.'s!
  4. The throttles are pulled at about 1 second. I understand that the "1 sec" is on the throttle quadrant, but I was looking for Tech data in this matter. When the throttles are pulled from 1077 to flight idle the rpms (as expected) push the freqs below 365Hz and gen outs on eng 1, 2, and 4 come on. If pulling from 1010 to flight idle, we can not duplicate the (possible) problem. Engine 1 is 30 rich, 2 is 35 rich and 4 is around 30 rich as well. #3 is about 5 rich.
  5. The throttles are pulled from 1077 to flight idle. This "discrepancy" was found during a rejected takeoff.
  6. I have a question and a discrepancy... it is dealing with engines and electrics. MC-130(M)H Trying to determine if this is a discrepancy or normal ops. During an engine run the throttles were pulled back kind of fast (from 1077) cnd if throttles are at 1010. This intermittently causes the gen out lights (1, 2, and 4) to come on. It never happens to #3 gen, and rarely happens (to 1, 2 or 4) w/ temp datum in null or locked. It is almost w/o fail to see it illuminate 1, 2, and 4 w/ td in auto. Other possible discrepancies (when pulling throttles back) include VDT's flickering, and f/d and c/c thunderstorm lights dimming and brightening. Is there T.O. info for pulling throttles back too fast?
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