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  1. I don't know where your info came from regarding special ops missions over North Vietnam came from but, during my time with the units (Det 1, 15 ACS & 15 SOS) at Nha trang (1967-1970) we definately had more than 19 ourself.

    I personally had 8 and everyone of our 6 crews flew at least 4-5. I don't know how many were flowen by the first crews from 1966-1967 but I'm sure quite a few. 1st Flight actually had more missions up North than we did.

    You're correct however about no Fulton System missions over the North. Numerious live pickups were made in the South however.

  2. I'm working on a project very similar to yours, I think. I'm trying to put at least one aircraft photo with every 130 organization from the beginning to date. Like you I've ran into a lot of old tail codes that I've had problems establishing the proper squadron for the code of that period.

    I was hoping I might get a copy of your project as there may be some info in there that will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance

    Dusty Rhodes

    [email protected]

  3. Way back when Ardmore got the first C-130's, each aircraft had stripes down the sides of the fuselage. Red, Green or Blue. Did these signify which Squadron the aircraft was assignd to? Red 772nd TCS, Green 773rd TAS, Blue 774th TCS for example?

    There were also stripes on some aircraft below the U. S. Air Force, behind the "Buzz Number". Where were these aircarft from, Sewart?

  4. I can't recall when the tail codes were started either, but it must have been late '67 or early '68. I've seen a photo of an A model from the 21st, with tail code YD, making a drop at Khe Sanh in 1968. Our aircaft at Nha Trang didn't have anything ('67-'70). By the time I left Nha Trang and went to CCK in 1970 the acft there already had them.

  5. Got another request along the same lines.

    Tail codes for the 18th TCS, 39th TCS and 40th TCS out of Lockbourne AFB, Ohio

    And the Squadrons associated with Little Rock tail codes LK, LF, and LR.

    All of these back in the old days

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