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  1. I was wondering if PACAF will replace their current H model C-130s with newer airplanes?. I ran into a 36th AS crewmember in 2009 who stated his unit was slated to receive Js,but with funding cuts,this has not so far happened. Maybe if a C-130J unit is disbanding at Little Rock,the displaced airplanes will replace the 1970s era C-130Hs at Yokota?.
  2. Any news on whether KC3801 has left Little Rock AFB on delivery to Hindon AFS yet?. The first one to be delivered,KC3802 transitted Prestwick in Scotland,but there is no news from there on the arrival of KC3801. If not already reported,the Indian AF unit operating these Hercs is 77 Sqn.
  3. VMGR-152 KC-130J 168065 QD-065 is today visiting U-Tapao RTNS,Thailand,so confirming this airplane is with VMGR-152.The 3 other new VMGR-152 new airplanes,168066,168074 and 168075 have also been seen at U-Tapao this month.
  4. KC-130J 168066 was heard on HF radio at 0206Z on 18th December routing from Wake Island to Anderson AFB calling Sumo 31,a VMGR-152 callsign.This would suggest this airplane was on delivery at this time.
  5. The fatigue index is being used up on these airplanes at a high rate,and as long as the Brits stay in Afghanistan,this will continue. Another decade,and they will be nearly worn out. Any further delays to the A400M,and these birds will be around post 2022.
  6. I saw 165735 in VMGR-352 markings at MCAS Miramar on 21st October and 166764 at MCAS Yuma on 20th October in VMGR-252 markings.
  7. VMGR-152 are due to be operating 15 KC-130J by December,31st.
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