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  1. Somewhere on this site was a post about the electrical system on the A-II. Can't be of much help with that as I was an H model cc. But I did some work at Moldyhole 67-69 on the Rhine Main birds when they needed heavy maint or things like a rocket removed from the tail of a bird that was listening near Russia. The EOD guys from Lakenheath were good disarmers. The operating Sq. was the 7406th Support Sq. The book "The Price of Vigilance" gives a great description of the death of 56-0528 c/n [cn]3136[/cn] in Armenia. It is a great read, written by a former backseater in the module. During this time there were some black 130Es that were rumored to be from Ramstein. Once I Helped a FE change a set of nose tires, he wasn't very talkative except for the task at hand. I found out what the term "sneaky pete" meant. My first flt chief was a T/Sgt from the 7406 SS, and he couldn't tell us much except he was glad to get away from the A model. I never even knew what the AF security service was. I heard of it, thought it was the AP's. In the book, there is a great history of ELINT crews, flying RB47's RB29's,RB50's and Slick Chick F-100's from Bitburg, Germany. A great number of our brothers lost their lives flying ELINT missions in PACAF and USAFE. Mother AF wasn't always helpful as they could be to the families, you know security and all that.
  2. I was in Air Rescue Service 66-67 and when our HC130's RTB after a low level search mission first stop was the wash rack to wash salt accumulations off the exterior of the aircraft. As for Agent Orange, most of it was dispensed by C123 Providers, a two engine look-a-like to a C130. Most other washings were to clean oils and general dirt off the plane. The flap wells were especially dirty from the jet exhaust from the T-56 turbine engines.
  3. In May of 1969 I was assigned to the 513 TAW as an "F Troop" in the aero repair shop. We assisted the Herk rote units with heavier hanger maint. I was TAD to the maint. control office at the time of the incident. Our barracks, H block was next to the TDY Sq. huts. He launched from the short runway as he barely cleared our building. I got to work and maint. control was in what you could call lock down. Shortly afterward, F 100's from Lakenheath scrambled. Never heard what the RAF did, but the 100's had to be uploaded with 20MM when they TRB. Draw your own conclusions. Meyer was a private pilot but he soon found out why this and every other Herk had Four seats in the front office. One little known fact was that the AP's pulled in front of his Herk with their bread truck broadside to him. He popped #2&3 in to reverse and sent the bread truck into the weeds post haste. They were sent to investigate the violation of Quiet Time 2200-0600. The only authorised engine noise was the midnight launch of the EC-135 Command Post bird. It was a very sad chapter in USAF history. He was denied an early return to Langley by the CO, but an A2C was granted an early return to get married. I used to see him in the NCO club and the lad did like his drink. Wreckage was returned to MHZ with rather large holes in it. Again, draw your own conclusions.
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