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  1. So....got the ordered parts of armor in, and imagine this they dont fit! still more additions in the flight deck.
  2. All I know is that when all this research and modifying is going on we are all scratching our heads saying "why would you do this".:confused:
  3. We are actually at the point because there is believe it or not no armor available AF wide besides the ones Tiny found that are available we had to build the flt deck outline on our shopfloor and hand build armor with the assistance from the armor company. still want to know what the lines are for.
  4. we thought J models would be here soon...instead we are putting dual rails on our P models and we are getting our loaner birds back from other bases when they get J's for us its looking like 2017.
  5. Hey Tiny! this is the -21 guys! hahaha I go everywhere for answers. I love this site. helped me out several times
  6. we can fully configure all of our aircraft except this plane we are lost looking for diagrams of armor for the ABCCC.
  7. or anyone know if the ABCCC were actually armored? this thing has been a royal pain.
  8. We currently have Acft 62-1863 sitting on our line and we are currently trying to install armor on her. does anyone know what the closest aircraft the flightdeck is configured for, or have any pictures of this armor installed? I know this is one of the frankenherks that AFSOC rejected we could really use your help. we also have strange hydro lines and drains in the nose.
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