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  1. Hello All, I am currently in Afghanistan serving as a COMM troop. I recently put in an application to get out of COMM(Currently I am a 3D0X3..3C0X1..There was a merger.) It is a server guy. Anyway I was accepted to become a crew chief 2A531B! I have been in the Air Force for a little over 5 years and as soon as I get back to the states I will be starting Tech School in Sheppard. I have heard mixed things about the job but I am really looking forward to it to getting to work on the plane. I was just writing to see if any one had any advice for me or could tell me what I can expect coming into the career field. I am currently a Staff Sergeant. Does that make any difference? I already have a follow on base from Tech School as well. I will be going to Dyess AFB to be a part of the 317th Aircraft Maintenace Squadron. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for the help
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