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  1. It sure is but to fix this problem we changed the engine pls it was leaking oil. Then generator problem came with the new Engine.
  2. Thanks everybody for the help the Ground Fault Transformer in the Engine fixed the problem. I Ohmed it and from pin A to Pin D on the tranformer it jumped in ohms from 1.0 all the way to 80. We ahd just changed the engine so I checked the old one and it read 1.0 ohms so I changed it and it worked like a champ.
  3. In the test position #3 generator shows good freq's good volts in all three phases. When switch is placed to On generator falls off line and out light comes on no freq's no volts. We have changed the generator, the line contactor, the GCU and replaced the Contactor C/B and replaced the diodes and it stills does the same thing. Help Please we have troubleshot this for 2 days and still nothing.
  4. Engine starts fine once you get the light. But it has had a history of not starting and you don't get the light and no rotation. We have an APU. When you take the Engine bleed air switch to override and push down on the start switch you get no rotation. We have changed the starter control valve and the bleed air regulator ad shutoff valve. We load lighted the starter control valve cannon plug and its good. Need some assiatance please.
  5. We have an APU door opening issue. The APU door will not open unless you pull the touchdown relay C/B. I followed the FI and it leads me no where. I could really use some help. I am new to the APU I am us to GTC's.
  6. It started working with the APU. But when we ran engines it drove full hot. So we started to close the bleeds with only two bleeds open it would maintain warm not balls to the wall hot. So we changed the flow control and SOV and it fixed it, but only after we changed the turbine, Temp control vlv C/P and the anticaptor stat anti-ice vlv. So what it boils down to is the flow control vlv fixed it it was weird but a learning experience. Thanks to all who replied it helped.
  7. I will give it a whirl oh and we did change the hi-limit stat but it still is inop I will try the anti-ice-sensor.
  8. We have a plane that has the H3 a/c pack and it goes full hot in auto. I can control it in manual. I ahve changed the Anti-ice vlv, the Water Seperator Sock, the Anticipator Stat, The Temp control box and followed the FI. All the wiring is ohming good, but I still have the problem. I was wondering if anybody here could help. The plane is an 85 model.
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