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  1. http://jordan.usembassy.gov/pr_c_130_12_19_11.html They might become 349 and 350.
  2. And the fourth Qatari left US> C-130J-30 213/MAJ dep Marietta del, ex LMCO 5668 dec11 The fourth Super Hercules stayed Stateside for crew training but for Qatar and routed via St. John’s (Nfld.) and Brize Norton (diverted there as Stansted had noise restrictions and Luton had no tow bar 19 December 2011).
  3. Hi Bob, two bits of UAE Herky news. I would love to get you newest list as well please. Cheers Mich C-130H 1212 C-130 sq noted, f/n ? nov11 This registration was seen recently at Al Bateen, UAE. It might be the third time the same serial has been applied to an UAE Hercules. 1212 number one was 4584 who became N4247N back in December 1983. Number two was 4985 that went off the runway due to heavy crosswinds and bad visibility while landing at Kabul, Afghanistan, 4 August 2008. It reportedly suffered a badly damaged nose section including a partly burned front fuselage and cockpit in the progress. It might have been repaired after all but we would love to see confirmation of that. L-100-30 1215 C-130 sq ex Maximus Air Cargo 5024 nov11 Another resurrection of an UAE Hercules serial is this one seen at Al Bateen and Abu Dhabi International. The 1215 became A6-MAC with Maximus Air Cargo some time ago and was noted still as such in April 2011. We believe it is fairly sure it transferred back to the UAEAF & AD as Maximus started to dispose their Hercules fleet due to business demand in March 2011. 1215 is verified as 5024 and not sure about 1212? I need your e mail address to send you a copy. Bob
  4. Two months since last post, surely the delayed first delivery must be imminent? Any sightings or first flights of 213/MAJ and or 214/MAK?
  5. Can do. Back to my original question, once again: Lockheed#, (FY?)Qatar tail#, Qatar nose code 5662 (08-0)211 (A7-)MAH now flies and 5663 (08-0)212 (A7-)MAI, 5668 (08-0)213 (A7-)MAJ, and 5669 (08-0)214 (A7-)MAK will follow in due time. The bits between brackets are still to be confirmed. Can anyone please look into the 211/214 numbers and see if they are indeed the last three of a FY serial? All Qatar Emeri Air Force aircraft, except the two C-17A, follow the same tail number (or serial system if you wish): QA followed by just two numbers. Ok, the the two Globemasters have just MAA and MAB on the nose and tail (omitting the A7- from their civil registration as well) but do carry 080201 (for FY 08-0201) on the nose (as for MAA). Any help is appreciated.
  6. Any chance you can have a looky looky how the "211" number, if at all, appears at the fuselage or tail?
  7. Has A7-MAH 5662 (08-0)211 been up yet? Mich
  8. Ok, thanks! Does the first Qatar Super Herc show just "MAH" on the nose and tail of a full A7-MAH? Back to my original question: Qatar# Lockheed# (FY?) A7-MAH 5662 (08-0)211 (A7-MAI) 5663 (08-0)212 (A7-MAJ) 5668 (08-0)213 (A7-MAK) 5669 (08-0)214 The bits between brackets are my fantasy/assumption/educated guess. Can anyone please look into the 211/214 numbers and see if they are indeed the last three of a FY serial? Qatar C-17A MAA has 080201 (for 08-0201) on its nose and just displays MAA on tail and nose.
  9. 1603 to 478 4618 1618 to 482 4755 462 to 1628 4637 Bob, can I safely assume all three show 2003 in you list? Mich
  10. cheers Bob, do you know when the transfer took place, I have the last sighting of 1603 at 22apr03?
  11. Royal Saudi Air Force C-130H '478' was seen at Jeddah 13apr11, would anyone know its identity?
  12. cool, looking forward to first picture! second one (212) is in primer in "Proven" with the 1000th nacelle
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