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  1. On 8/23/2017 at 7:54 PM, pjvr99 said:

    APN = Aircraft Production Number? If so, its on the data plate above the flight engineer station


    It was ACN =Aircrafts classifications number

  2. 03xgen consumed up to this which were installed with #2 Eng. Defect: after one or two hours flg just before ldg found no volt&frequency. Shutdown the Eng & ck found gen excessive heated up which is unable to touch. Cooling duct, generator rotation, generator coupling with RGB & load ck found normal. I've not got any other reason. Pl help me if any other point. Thanks.

  3. After overhauled engine starting TIT 700 deg.Null start 760 deg then changed TD valve,Td calibaration ,All thermocouple checked and replaced new with T-block and harness,throttle rigging ck,blade angle ck,but problem still.all other throttle setting fuel flow, TIT,torque,RPM, are fine.perform rich lean check TIT drop 35 deg instant of 100 deg.Is it downstream burning or FCU faulty. 

    takeoff TIT =977 FF= 2100,Torque=16500 inch lbs

    cross over =760

  4. Yes speed sensitive control also swaped with #3 eng.i think you understand the problem. Starting tit both null & auto is 800 deg.

    Before x-over #2 eng tit is more than #3 but after x-over #2 tit less than #3.#2 takeoff tit 965deg & #3 977deg. Fuel flow 200pph less.when throttle advance approx 80deg position tit remain 840 and then fuel flow ,tit,torque increase .but at null tit,fuel flow increase with normal way.td controlling ck tit increase 40 deg but cut back 20 deg not previous rating.limiting ck With td locked fuel correction light came on at 961 deg.but during td test limiting tit set 977 deg..when x-over TIT cut back to 790 and again goes up at that time correction light remain off.

  5. #2 -7b eng x-over tit before light off 840 c after light off 790c & did not hold td amps test,coordinator check,td sys all wiring ck,t-block ck,new thermocouples,y lead ck,engine relay changed ,problem remain.finaly all td sys components & wiring swap with #3 eng one by one but problems doesn't exist.

    Please give any idea

  6. when first start any engine.the on speed time approximately 80 second.when start button press gtc bleed pressure going down 14 psi and slowly up to 25psi.gtc bleed pressure 39psi,leak check time 15s,we changed both thermostat,load control valve,fcu but problem remain.please any suggest.

  7. Flight deck bad smell.when no 3 eng bleed valve close then no bad smell.this is new engine.5th & 10th stage bleed valve open & check no oil flashing inside the compressor.speed sensitive valve 14th stage bleed line check & no oil found.please give any idea.

  8. You didn't state if you did a TD Amp Test Set on it. You might check the wiring between the T-Block and the Thermocouples. Also, swap the Y-Lead leads on the T-block between the Amp and Ind sides, both green and white, and see if the problem changes. Without any other information, it sounds like a malfunctioning TD Valve to me. Let us know what you find.

    TD Amp Test set good.Thermocouple,T-block,Harness check,also Td valve change

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