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  1. The CARA should be good for 50,000 ft with a signal validity supplied to the TCAS. If the TCAS is not failing I would think the CARA T/R is working and sending valid signals but the indicators are playing up, possible signal loss! Where is the CARA transmitter/receiver located on your aircraft? When you switch on does the needle drive to the mask area above the 5000' mark? It takes about 32 seconds for the needle to read zero but there should be no fails RT or LO in this time. the FMCW needs to time in!
  2. Is the DC Volts gauge set to BAT? The "Moving Coil" meter will drain the battery over night. Simple but sometimes forgotten.
  3. Hi to all that read, This is my first post so I hope there are a few out there that might be able to help. What is your preferred method for calibrating the C130 compass systems. I have always used a datum compass to sight the aircraft heading. Is there a TO to cover that? I prefer this method over a MC testset swing. Thanks in advance Nick
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