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  1. Anybody have idea about the wiring config behind the Engine Fire & turbine overheat T-handle? There are six ports if you open the upper portion of the t-handle like below: O O O O O O Where, 1st and last port of upper part are shorted, same as for the lower part. There are 4 colored wires there - Red, Blue, Brown and White. I want to know where those wire are connected? Because all the connection has been torn in our aircraft (C-130B). I need to know it urgently. Plz if anybody knows it gimme an idea.
  2. We are using Combined Altitude Radar Altimeter (CARA), model: AN/APN-232(V). After switching it on 'FAIL' indication shows on ground in both the indicators (Pilot side & Nav side) for about 30-45 sec. After that period it become normal. In air, above 1000 ft both the indicators fluctuate with all indications (RT FAIL). But, at the same time TCAS system operation remain normal. For this prob, we have done the fol troubleshooting: a. CARA R/T, Height Indicators, Antennas are changed. b. Continuity of wiring was measured. But still we are facing the same problem.:confused: It will be appreciated if anybody is having any other solution.
  3. Those numbers are for the bad engine. Air pressure could not be recorded. For good engine, time 45 sec and Max rpm 35%. Yes, we have changed it earlier. Effect was the same.
  4. Borescope test carr out, all the valves are ok. Indicators are good. fuel enrichment valve has been changed with a new one. Prob still exists. Fuel nozzles and thermocouples are also changed. No 2 eng (problem) shows less TIT than others.
  5. Time 45 with other eng, 65 with GTC. Max RPM 22% with GTC. 32% without GTC.
  6. Yes rpm was 35% when the TIT goes 850+. Fuel flow was 350pph at 16% until light-off.
  7. On behalf of rsd653 I m replying all the ques u asked. We r still facing the same problem. starter control vale is ok, bleed air shut off valve operating good, starter turbine is ok, compressor checked, found ok. bleed air duck found in good condition, speed sensitive valve replaced with a new one,TD amp replaced with a new one. But still problem is there. I mean Start TIT is 856'C. Yes starting time we get 45 sec to reach 60% for starting at first. prop angle at grd idle is 4'. yes we've tried in null. Rigging also correct. Yes we Have changed the FCU also. But still result was same. We have changed the speed sensitive valve with a new serviceable one. But we've not tried the high pressure out line at speed sensitive valve. Tomorrow we are going to do that. The result we get, I'll let u know. We got some times 856, sometime 860'C also. Yes we have tried high pr air also. 35psi+ with GTC. we got 35% approx. So friends, thanks all of u for all the replies u have given. We r really suffering a lot. Plz help us, how can we get rid of this high TIT prob. If u have any more queries plz ask. I'll answer as soon as possible. Our herculies is on ground for a long time. And we deadly want to see it air. Plz send your precious thinking and suggestions about the problem. I m Waiting for your replies.
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