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  1. I cant for the life of me find the publication for tensions on the cable for the aerial bomb rack. Anyone remember off the top of their heads? Maybe a TO? I'm on Navy pubs.
  2. While participating in an Op, our allies who are new to c130 appr oached us about a hyd issue ive never heard of before Here goes, Engine 1 only puts out 500 psi (both direct guage and flig station) Engine 2 puts out a normal 3000 psi Aux UNTIED puts out 3000 Aux-util tied through the ground tie puts out 500 psi. Engine pump, ground test checkout valve and aux pump have been replaced. Any ideas?
  3. After 8 or so #2 apex tips and finally tracking down some good tips, we got all the panels off and found one of the Flexdrive cables ( rh Inboard) with multiple cracks on the rubber outer layer and rust dripping out of several of these cuts. I guess we will find out when supply gets us what we need. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  4. On the road and had a scenario where the elevator trim tab fails to operate at altitudes above 15000 ft for an hour or more on Normal AND emergency. Then 10 Minutes after descending to around 6000ft, it works again. We've replaced the motor driven gear box and the problem still appears. Our guess is something has collected water and is freezing but other than throwing new actuators/jack screws and flex drives at it, what could possibly freeze up? We have verified the physical surface isnt rubbing or jamming up, all rigging has been checked and it works perfectly on the ground.
  5. Hello all, I'm new here! On a KC-130T, after replacing filters on all systems on cycle, we noticed a weird noise on the upside while cycling the flaps. Flap movement is smooth at the motor AND the physical surface itself, and the T-Handle has been pushed in and verified with free movement of the nipple, but it makes a weird noise. It sounds almost like a trumpet and a pig squealing at the same time. Its only on the upside and it did it first at 40% flaps, then 30%, then 20% then stopped, then againt a 20% and it continues for a few seconds AFTER the flaps have stopped moving when doing a full cycle from 100% to 0%. This is will all engines running. Any ideas? Maybe the Surge dampener is going bad? but would it make a noise like this??
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