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  1. Turns out it was the low limit ice control valves in both systems. Then, after flight was changed, the temp control valve was found to be failed in the closed position. Basically, we had 4 valves fail at roughly the same time.
  2. A/C went full hot in man and auto. Its looking like we have 3 failed valves. All the same part number, just used in different places. Flight and cargo run hot, and underfloor heat temp does not regulate, and to quote the aircrew write up, "Simulates the surface of the sun". Just seems weird that all three valves would fail in a short period of time.
  3. We have an R model with flight station and cargo a/c problems. The a/c is running full hot, no matter the setting. We have checked out the control box, and the temp control valve, both are working fine. When selected to hot, the temp control valve opens, when selcted to cold, it closes, so these are not the issues. I was wondering could it be 2 failed anit-ice valves? I was messing with the a/c anti-ice control panel with power on. The "open" lights both work. But, when I move the switch to the "open" position, the "open" light does not illuminate. Both gripes showed up a day apart. The aircraft was on det, and the flight station went out. The next day, cargo did the same. I need help!
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