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    https://www.flickr.com/photos/146205919@N02/sets/72157689442208525 Regards Stephan
  2. Lars Olausson passed away on June 18, 2016. That makes me sad... Regards Stephan
  3. ...Is there any chance to get the PDF-Presentations from HOC 2015 without the password? Happy New Year, and greetings from Germany Stephan
  4. That would be very nice! Thank you! Regards Stephan
  5. Oh, sorry! That is HOC: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/aeronautics/eoc/hoc/2014-hoc-presentations.html
  6. Hi All, Is there any chance to get the PDF-Presentations from HOC 2014 without the password, like the ones from the last years? Merry christmas, and greetings from Germany Stephan
  7. Kellstrom Industries http://www.lockheedmartin.com/content/dam/lockheed/data/aero/documents/global-sustainment/product-support/2013-hoc-presentations/2013-HOC-Monday/Mon%201315%20Kellstrom%20Defense%20Aerospace.pdf Regards, Stephan
  8. Bingo! http://www.amazon.com/C-130-Hercules-Arthur-Reed/dp/0711013535
  9. C-130 Hercules by Arthur Reed Ian Allan Ltd, 1984 ISBN 0-7110-1353-5 Regards Stephan
  10. Iran has modified some Herks for electronic warfare, I think that 5-8554 ist one of this airplanes...
  11. Hi all, has someone pictures of a MC-130W equipped with the precision strike package? Thank you, and best wishes for the New Year! Stephan
  12. I don't believe it, I never saw a USAF Herk with red and white prop stripes
  13. I think, it was a Royal Air Force aircraft. The picture was photoshoped at the right places... ;-)
  14. Take a look... http://www.flugzeugbilder.de/show.php?id=769195 Regards from Germany Stephan
  15. Some pictures here: http://www.jetstream.pl/web/galeria/24.Pierwszy%20Hercules.html?PHPSESSID=a3d7e01eeae1530cebd1d3e97658fe8b
  16. JP, Thank you very much for the link! And please send me your 'real' address (maybe with a personal message), I think I have some pictures for you. But it is to much to send it by email... Regards Stephan
  17. stevoe

    8 bladed Prop

    Wonderful pictures, thank you very much! If you have more, please post it here. Thank you again! Regards from Germany Stephan
  18. Hi JP, your website about the Belgian Herks is very nice! Congratulations! But please can you tell me where you get the picture of the HTTB you used on the side about the herks history? And did you have this picture in higher resolution? Regards from Germany Stephan
  19. stevoe

    8 bladed Prop

    Please can you send me the pictures by email? Here is my adress: [email protected] Thank you! Regards Stephan
  20. stevoe

    8 bladed Prop

    Please, are there any pics of this Herk on the Testflights? Showing the props running? Regards Stephan
  21. Hey all, I need the c/n of this Herks: USAF 07-1468, 07-4635, 07-4636, 07-4637 and 07-4638 US Marines ??7923 and ??7924 Can anybody help me? Thank you! Regards Stephan
  22. stevoe

    8 bladed Prop

    Any news or new pictures? Regards Stephan
  23. Ah! Thank you! And he tells me 40451, so I could not find it...
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