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  1. the problem with the lowest bidder. Im sick and tired of the Navy taking the cheapest route. Now we have gripes on our A/C that will not be s/o until 2015.
  2. @tinyclark. The Nav flag will not go away. Everything works 4.0 for the Nav system selected, but that NAV flag will not go down. That's the issue.
  3. Update: 28VDC not at NAV SEL switch and not at co-pilots distance relay. Everything else works fine (HSI data from INS/TAC) were just not getting the power to suppress that NAV flag. What i don't understand is, If there is no power at the Distance relay (Where both INS and TAC meet) you would think that when i put coordinates into the INS i would just get default TAC DME and Nav data (since that is how the system is setup). When i select INS 2 on the co-pilots side, I get usable data from the INS 2.
  4. Do you get DME when TAC 2 is selected? Two relays in the flight data switching panel relay the INS distance info from the copilots distance relay to the copilots HSI. When deenergized, the NC contact of the copilots distance relay receive TACAN distance info. They both talk to through this distance relay. look in the schematic and See where your Nav flag relay and tac 1 and 2 relays are energized along the path. Has to be a relay.
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