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  1. Hi guys, need to know that whats the procedure invogue for passenger boarding and disembarkation in different Airforces around the world. Pricisely, I want to ask about the use of Left or Right PT door. which one is preferred and why. Keep in view power cart, other maintenance guys seeing off the herk, and crew using crew door, all this is happening on the lefrt. so is it not preferable to use the RT PT door !
  2. Ben Legere ! Thanks for the input, i'll try to put the puzzle together.
  3. Thanks NATOPS1, the picture is getting clear, as for your question about the fluid"STILL" leaking with the utility SOV closed, i will get back to you. Is there a reference which you can cite from the operating or maintenance manual, citing any action a crew should have done to keep the aircraft safer with the leaking boost package. Also, plz note the observed no leakage from the BOOSTER UTILITY reservoir and when they arrived back to aircraft (50-60 hrs). the BOOSTER UTILITY HYDRAULIC reservoir was intact. so how come there was insufficient SNUBBING for the rudder and the Damage occurred. The crew could not get a Hangar despite their efforts (at CYYT). Will appreciate if you throw some more light into This??
  4. Could the crew anticipate any possibility of this damage to occur....or what else they could have done to prevent such thing from happening.......Does any Herc crew use control locks if aircraft is parked for a few days???????/
  5. Recently, we had one of our Herc experienced rudder damage. the details are as follows: the crew ground aborted a mission due to utility hydraulic fluid leak from Rudder booster package. once the trouble shooting was carried out, crew discovered a crack in rudder booster package because of which, utility hyd system quantity was completely lost. Now the crew had to wait for the part to arrive, which took about two and a half days ( less then 72 hours....55 hrs from the occurrence, to be precise). after receiving the requisite component for replacement, they found Rudder stuck on one side with extensive damage to the support structure and pivots of rudder. now my question is that how could this damage occur ??? while the aircraft was parked on Tarmac, the weather for the period of parking didnot had winds more than 22-27 kts. Also, the Booster hydraulic reservoir didn't had any fluid loss. it is also worth mentioning that the Utility side rudder boost SOV was kept close due to dripping fluid from the boost package. Also what would happen if somebody put the Booster side SOV also closed for Rudder ( as it is known that these SOVs are fail safe open when electric power is removed from the aircraft ) Please any one can explain me the following concerns:- 1. Can a combination of utility hyd loss from rudder booster package and winds of 22-27 kts can flutter the rudder to experience heavy damage. is there enough hydraulic in system lines to provide adequate dampening for flight controls. 2. if Rudder Booster SOV was put off, can it have a discontinuity in priming of Hydraulic fluid in the lines for flight controls. (As i presume the SOVs for booster package are fail safe, so the valves will be open when power is lost) this seems to be a lenghty query, but i will appreciate a satisfying answer from experience crews, as there no dearth of it in this forum....cause its someone's NECK (Ass) on line !!!!
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