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  1. Hi Forum, I am trying to obtain a copy of T.O. 5-1-6 HERMETICALLY SEALED INSTRUMENT LEAK TEST, or a similar document. The Technical Order relates to the procedure for Nitrogen gas filling of Cockpit Instrumentation to avoid internal corrosion. Does anyone happen to have a copy? As I am struggling to source this document from the usual sources. Any help would be great. Many Thanks. Deputy Dog
  2. Hi C-130 Forum, Can anyone tell me the difference between a Nose Wheel Assembly Part No: 339242-13 and 339242-31. I assume that the dash number references the manufacture of the tire fitted, but I am uncertain. Please could somebody give me some clarification. Many Thanks. DD
  3. Hi C130 Technical Forum, Please can someone tell me the difference between a RYLC51047 and a RYLC51047-1 Deflector Door Actuator? and why the RYLC51047-1 is not referenced in the Manual T.O.8D1-27-8-3? I'm confused. Thanks in advance for any advice. Deputy Dog.
  4. Thank you tinyclark, I will get our Technical Librarian to source this Technical Order. Best Regards. Deputy Dog
  5. Hi C-130 Technical Forum, Can anyone tell me the T.O./Publication Number for a Gull Airborne Fuel Quantity Indicator (INBD Wing Tank) Part No:200-037-003 (LAC: 695797-53)? This Indicator is very similar to a Honeywell JG402A53 FQI, but unfortunately I am having trouble locating any Technical Information that relates to this Gull Airborne Indicator. Many Thanks Deputy Dog
  6. Hi HerkyBird Forum, Can anyone help me with my question? Some of the Standard Thomson/Honeywell Oil Cooler Units I have seen have Part No:5A527 stamped on the Dataplate, and some others have Part No:5A527-000. Is there a difference? and does anyone know what the -000 relates too? I'm assuming that it may be a MOD State, but the Technical Order does not reference this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Deputy Dog.
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