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  1. In C-130B aircraft tail no 58-0754 Lockheed no 3553 right rear mlg vertical beam got cracked. According to ipc 130B-4 the part no is 373014-1 L/R we tried to replace it by 373014-3 L/R as previous part no not available.but it is found not matched with the existing one.Now can we replace it with 388482-32?

  2. While #1,and#2 eng running utility sys press,  Brake press, and rudder booster pressure is 2800 psi but when the control stick moves extreme forward perss drops to 2000 psi and remain same but when control stick puts back it is normal.....when elevator booster shutoff switch puts off the press indicated normal....no hydraulic leakage found from the system.

    we alrady cleaned and replace the hyd filters.

    please give me some suggestions on this regurd....

  3. 9 hours ago, Ramrod said:

    You have to refer to the 1C-130A-3 for guidance. If you find nothing there, you must request technical assistance from Lockheed. It is known that those screws strip out and the elevator torque tube collar bolt holes get elongated. The only repair for the torque tube collar issue is replacement. I do not think using oversized bolts were authorized, but I am not 100% sure on this.


    thanks a lot. yes just the same happened...I will be very pleased to get further information about this.....

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