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  1. Brothers, I am putting together a NATOPS change to include an easy to understand definition of \"Ballast Fuel\". Our NATOPS does not mention it at all. This has been a source of much debate and a soure of confusion to trainees. I am a Little Rock trained FE and was trained on this. The new trainees are not being tought TOLD data the same. My understanding is to use the Fuel Management charts to find the required landing fuel in the wings for a specific cargo weight. Then to get your g load factor and max airspeed. Which is usually only a factor in the decent. I understand that this is usually only a consideration over approx. 30k cargo. Further, my understanding is to keep enough fuel in the wings to maintain structural integrity and avoid stresses from a heavy center-line load that would cause a high degree of bending in a \"light\" wing without fuel. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Sorry for the delay, been on the road. Not with that bird though. The pitchlock prolem is still there. We found a bad wiring job o the sync rack, still no joy. Re-wired no joy. Still no throttle anticipation, Bad sync check. #1 will not droop. Kind of a mute point now as the #1 compressor bearing failed on turns ad shot the motor. Anyway, thank\'s for all the help. It did help. P.S. Anyone know where to get a parking brake cable in Turkey?
  3. Got a bird that will not overspeed to get a good pitchlock check on the #1 engine. Changed the valve housing, read 57 VAC to ground to valve housing connector and all resistance checks were within specs. Synchrophaser and rack was also changed. Even took the cover off the valve housing to observe the s.b. motor. How far is the \"rack\" supposed to go when you hit the switch? It moves some but not all the way to the end. Also we get no droop on #1 engine with sync on and master reduced to flt idle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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