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  1. I was on the SCNS mod team at Little Rock afb in '91-'92, and was wondering how many E models were given this mod, and if any of the others from that team are on this board?
  2. Yes, Mr Radney Foster wrote and sang a beautiful song, and LtThompsonCS made a beautiful video for it. I still can't watch that without tearing up. Military service runs strong in my family. My grandfather was a CB in WWII, 4 uncles in Viet Nam, I was in the Army, then the Air Force, and now my son is in the Air Force, and my nephew is in the Army. My wife's family also has a lot of veterans in it.
  3. I was assigned to this aircraft while stationed at Rhine Main ab from '88-'91. She was painted the desert camo pattern when I first got there if I remember correctly, then was painted the woodland camo, and later repainted again to the European grey. I have a picture of her with some nose art (spaceman spiff, calvin's alter ego), but I don't remember who holds the copyright to the photo. Paul Bettes Ok, as the photo says, Paul Jarvis is the copyright holder.
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