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    Feb 1957 Started in B Baty 464 Field Arty, 49th Div. Texas Army NG at Mt Pleasant,Tx.
    Joined USAF Sep 1958, basic at Lackland ABF, Tx.
    Oct 1958 Aircraft maintenance school jet engine over 2 at Chanute AFB, IL.
    Mar 1958 Assigned to Barksdale AFB AFB, La. assigned to KC97 docks,( Barksdale had got rid of 3, B47 Squadrons and had too many people so us newbie got farmed out) after 3 months got assigned to KC135A dock, attended FTD for both KC135As and B52Fs
    got AFSC 43151e.worked docks, backline FCF, servicing section, worked B52 recovery team. Got out of USAF Sep 1962
    Reenlisted in March 1963 back to Barksdale,KC135 Flight line.
    June 1964 assigned to Hickam AFB (PACAF) Transient Maintenance,
    1965 assigned to EC135C's (operation Blue Eagle) Launch and recovery team.
    Jun 1866 made SSgt
    Jun 1966 181 days TDY to SEA, boots on the ground, doing something somewhere on some kind of airplane.
    1967 tested and awarded AFSC 43171e
    1967. Transferred to Bergstrom AFB,Tx.Assigned Transient Maintenance/Presidental support at Bergstrom and LBJ ranch. (Only hanger I was ever in that had wall to wall indoor/outdoor carpet).
    1970 assigned Seymour Johnson AFB,NC (TAC) TAC-Airborne Command Post / TAC CC's airplane. EC135 K's. Flew as a fight Mech / IFM / SEFE/ FCF
    Oct1970 made TSgt
    1973 assigned Dyess finished FE school at the Rock 1973.
    FE C130E 773th TAS
    1974 To C130A school Ellington AFB,Tx
    1974 AC 130A school Hurlbert AFB,Fl.
    1975 to Korat RTAFB (Last active duty AC130A FE to go to the school and Thialand.)
    Jull 1975 Retrained to AC 130 H at Korat
    Dec 1975 to Hurlbert
    Jul 1977 To Yokota AB Japan 345th TAS (E models)
    Jun 1978 made MSgt
    Jul 1979 to Dyess AFB,Tx 773th TAS (E & H models)

    Have crewed on the First Lady C130A (AC130A) 53-3129 and the first KC 135 (EC135K). 55-3118. Been completely around the world 3 times 1x in C130H and 2X in EC135.
    Had more fun and seen more that most lil boys from NE Texas, would do it again if I could, some of the best people I know, maintain and fly airplanes.

    Retired from USAF in 1980, as MSgt.
    Retired from City of Mt Pleasant ,Tx as Supt of fresh water treatment in 2002.
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    Sulphur Springs,Tx
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  1. Dan, the external fuel tanks where outboard the engines on the A models. Mike
  2. spec13fe

    Viet A

    I was flying on AC 130 A gunships at Karot when this took place we got task to move 9 SVAF C 130A models to Anderson AFB Guam we had 24 hours to get them out of Thialand, went to Clark AFB, PI spent one night then to Anderson AFB, Guam where ram team took them over and did their thing, about 2 months later we took them to depots in the states. The door was replaced at Utopia. As to who or how many fell out is unknown to me I heard several tales but no proof to any of them. My crew drew 56-0500 both trips, was a good plane once we got bleed air leak in # 4 horse collar fixed, and a couple of radios, flew a loose formation using radios in survivial vest to talk to lead. We took 500 I beleive to Hays' depot at Brimingham, AL It later went to Tn Air Guard. only been 37 years ago damn how time flys. Mike
  3. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/nwfdailynews/obituary.aspx?n=jerry-wayne-garrett&pid=156516817
  4. George, I understand where you coming from, my "whiz wheel" didn't have that on it. LOL
  5. Just found this on the net. http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/1135032--fire-breaks-out-on-military-aircraft-all-nine-crew-evacuate-safely?bn=1
  6. Lived under the airway between Dallas & Texarkana VORTAC, would hear a herky with a prop out of sync. and say something about it to the wife, she got to where she could hear what I was talking about and say ok fuss at the engineer. Drank many cups of coffee at Tye truck stop. Dyess was originally call Tye Army Air Field.
  7. Geroge, As far as I know there was not any missions in North Vietnam. Laos, SVN and Cambodia was the target areas. There was a total of 16 A's and 11 E/H's (The E's where upgraded with the -15 engines and a few other things and called H's). converted to AC's. I think there were 3 of each at the school at Hurlbert which got swapped out with depot imputs. Loses where 6 A's and 1 E . Mike Thompson
  8. If I posted this in wrong place sorry. Mike Thompson
  9. You mean Jeanie? LOL and I thought I had CRS Mike
  10. Bob, I was in 773rd late 73 to late 74, I don't remember him.
  11. I know this is the wrong thread for this so maybe Casey will move it to the right place. Was at the VA clinic today and was ask if I had Diabetes, it is now consideed a disability for some Vets exposed to Agent Orange. Mike Thompson
  12. For you "older" ones who have turned 65 don't forget you need to renew your ID card, it become indef. at 65. I have been using Navy Corpus without a problem since I turned 65 a few years ago, like not got onto Barksdale AFB, had to make Pass & ID my first stop, was escorted there by the air cops. Mike Thompson
  13. I think 129 had the Roman nose at that time. Mike
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