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  1. Beware! there is Wounded Warrior and Wounded Warriors, two different charities.
  2. You can checkout there rating at http://www.charitynavigator.org/
  3. http://www.aasurplus.com/Products/99-gi-army-stretcher-medical-litter.aspx Has them for sale for 50 bucks
  4. Any military hospital should have a room full of them, the newer ones may still have the FSN on them.
  5. The twin engine did exist. Check out page 20 http://www.lockheedmartin.com/content/dam/lockheed/data/aero/documents/global-sustainment/product-support/Service-News/V7N2.pdf
  6. There was a two engine version of the 130 made by Lockheed but was so under powered it garnered little interest in the military or civil aviation fields. Ever picture I remember seeing of Credible Sport they were all four engine. I don't see a 2 engine herc getting out of a soccer stadium even with rockets. I can't explain this picture unless both inboard engines ar3e remov3ed for MX or "Photoshop".
  7. Don, I think the FE's rode backward like in the B-29's
  8. http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/media/062/B-36J%20Engineer.html
  9. Ralph Good to hear your back with us. I used to work on GE cardiac imaging equipment and saw some really weird stuff. Bob Woods
  10. Ronc, Changing the blade angle so the prop rotates the correct way allows the oil pump to pump oil to the engine, this allows oil lubication and precludes one more problem, overheated engine/gearbox parts. That's what I remember being told back in '66.
  11. I guess they don't teach resetting the T handle to restore oil to the engine oil pumps and bumping the condition lever to air start to stop the rotation now days.
  12. Don, Thanks for the update, but I remember his wife as Slyvee a cute French girl. She and my wife came to Thailand at the same time. Your right in that he was a great guy, bit of a party animal in his younger years.
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