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  1. Hi Casey, I can't get to it. This is what pops up. Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again.
  2. Old A/R Guy, when were you there? I was a crew chief Apr-84 to Oct 86. I worked on the blackbirds occasionally but mostly the slicks until I was DCC on 1819. I remember 0555 well, it came back from depot when I was there and remember everyone being all excited about it.
  3. Can any of you guys help me out with getting a picture of what 68-10943 looks like now at Warner Robins? A while back I seen a pic of her with her wings off evidently being used as a ground training aircraft of some sort. I understand it went to depot with a cracked wing box and never came back out. I was asst crew chief on it 84-85, I am in contact with the crew chief from that time period also and a later crew chief on her and I told those guys I seen a pic of her once sitting stripped at W.R.and I would find it again for them. Well, I cant find it. I am hoping maybe some one could share a
  4. You guys might also be interested in this one of the 7th SOS. It was made after I left Rhein Main in 86. The 7th. became it's own little air force with the crews, maintainers and operators all working together. When I was there 84-84 the crew chiefs belonged to the OMS and specialists belonged to FMS. we worked all acft.,the Trash haulers Black birds and 18 series acft. At that time the 7th frowned on the slicks crew chiefs working on their planes. It was sometimes difficult being a slick crew chief when the Eng showed up and did his pre flight and he found a slick crew chief instead of a Blac
  5. I'm not sure if this video has been posted before but its a real nice video of the Blackbirds. It brought back a few memories for me.
  6. Yup, my day would not be complete without Sonny's morning joke.
  7. Thank's again Bob, I'm glad somebody can straighten me out when all those dead brain cells think they are working, but probably will never work again. HaHa. I for what ever reason had those two (942 & 945) back wards. I think this is the video you speak of.
  8. 68-10946 Stars and Stripes article from it's crash. I was a crew chief there when it happened. First day of a ORI. It was carrying ORI inspectors to Giebelstadt for the exercise. 68-10944 went down in Spain (also a 37th bird) killing all crew and pax. 0945 was involved in a incident at Pope with a F-16, I believe with it being wrote off. Poor old 946 as I understand actually crashed 3 times. The first (as I heard it back then) she slapped her belly on the water some where but made it back safely. Then this crash in Geibelstadt. Then after she was stripped and left at Geibelstact, turned into e
  9. Thank's Bob, looks like I had the wrong guy.
  10. Bob, the guy standing 2nd from the rt., do you know if he was your load master? Possibly a guy named Mike English?
  11. Chris, I think it's a 58-59 Jaguar XK150.
  12. Here is a bit of history on them. Article say's they flew from 58 to 60. Pretty short time really. http://www.codeonemagazine.com/article.html?item_id=49
  13. I found this information on the web if it helps you. http://www51.honeywell.com/aero/common/documents/myaerospacecatalog-documents/Defense_Brochures-documents/C-130_Air_Cycle_Machine_(pre-1974).pdf
  14. Here you go tinwhistle. http://www.wiscnews.com/portagedailyregister/news/local/article_246f231c-96a4-5c74-8700-c31b68aeebf1.html
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