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  1. Before Herk,Old Shakey & Provider there was the Mighty STRAT,born in the 40s & working & supporting SAC missions in the 50s with the USAF. Today,one of these fine Proptransports still lives on by way of the BAHF from Toms River NJ. Boeing STRAT N522718 project is in work at the hangar to become a <Flying Museum>Exibit of COLD WAR history & Nostalgia when complete. All is going good at this time & C97G Strat has got HER #3 engine back on the wing by the hard & dedicated volunteer workforce in action. This spring & early summer we hope to put some life back into the huge P&W 4360s & do a ground run & checkout. Inside HER fuselage will be many displays,showcases & memorabilia of COLD WAR History. Also inside will be some history of the 377 Stratocruiser,known as a civilian airliner that flew with Panam,United,Northwest,AOA & BOAC. They started with SAC & the USAF on the flight line in 1947 & was One of the USAF first heavy cargo transports.We hope to bring History alive by returning Boeing C97G back to the skies once again so all can see & enjoy this great Proptransport of the past. See us at our site at www.spiritoffreedom.org for some nice pics & more info THANKS, JR
  2. Nice to be back on the updated & new looking board. Just a little news from the hangar about our C97G Strat project. We got our 20ton crane working & got to put it back in operation again. We moved our 3 spare 4360 engines back inside the hangar & the low timer one we installed at the #3 position on the wing. We also have 4 spare props we are checking out & will install the best one. New used cargo doors & ramps have also been swaped out. We also have done a few gear retractions & our dedicated membership workforce got some good training. Progress is good & now we have the C54 in the hangar also for some well deserved maintenance & inspection to prep for the 2009 airshow season. Keep the mighty Herks going! All the best, JR
  3. Hi Folks! Our C54 is stageing out of Wheeling WV airport for the AUG airshows in the Midwest. Doing Yipsilani Mich,Omaha NEB & Witchita KAN.Our C54 Flying Museum is all about the History & Legacy of the Berlin Airlift & has many displays & memorabilia & showcases inside HER fuselage & the muriels on the ceiling,of the C54 landing at Templehof airport. A very unique & special Classic Proptransport Keeping History ALIVE of the BIG LIFT! Also we are making good progress in getting our Boeing C97G ready for HER return to the skies once again! #3 engine has to be installed yet & then we can test run all 4 P&W 4360s once again! All our spares are now in storage inside the hangar & our crane is now working! More update later,Stay tuned,THANKS, JR
  4. BAHF C54 <Flying Museum>is back in the skies once again for the 2008 airshow season now in FLA for all of April.Doing some special events with the Famous CANDY Bomber,COL.Gail Halvorsen of the Berlin Airlift fame.He dropped Candy Parachutes to the children during the 1948/49 Berlin Airlift.We attend about 30 shows & events a year around the USA.Last year we started the season off with a trip to old Ramey AFB in Puerto Rico for a special event with the Ramey Historical Association. see us at www.spiritoffreedom.org for some nice pics & info. THANKS, JR
  5. is the C130 outfit still flying out of Willow Grove Base of did they stand down or move elswhere? Thanks, JR
  6. Back with you Herky folks again & love all the pics & news about the great 130 aircraft! The STRATman(me)is back at the hangar again in Brooklyn at FBF pressing on with our project our C97G & now doing winter maintenance on our C54Skymaster to get HER ready for the airshow circuit for the 2008 season.
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