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  1. I really doubt if the A-400 will encroach very much on the C-130 market. The time that it has taken the A-400 to finally leave the ground and the many cost over runs, delays and customers backing out from orders, it is a thorn in EADS side. As far as innovation, a bigger threat would be from down south. Embraer is producing a C-130 replacement for the Brazilian Air Force, it is something outside Embraer's normal operations but with the success of their commuter aircraft I think they could do very well with this program. I was even contacted by a recruiter to head to Sao Paulo to work on the project, didn't get much info from them and it didn't pan out but would have been nice to see it from the ground up. I doubt they have the delays that EADS had with the A-400 as well. http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/Embraer-Launches-KC-390-Tactical-Air-Transport-Program-05380/
  2. http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/au/thigpen.pdf
  3. This is a portion of an email I received a week or so ago. Also got one from Boeing last month. I got laid off back in Feb, so had started a job search when these started popping up. Not sure if it's the same firm, but this email did come from someone with a .uk email address. I'm guessing these are headhunters for Boeing, they get paid when they produce a qualified applicant. As most also will give you a fee if you can point them to someone that signs a contract. We urgently require the services of a Rigger/Loadmaster Instructor to work in Saudi Arabia and fulfil the following job description: RIGGER/LOADMASTER INSTRUCTOR 1. Knowledge/Education Knowledge of types, capacities and configuration of C-130 aircraft; airdrop techniques; weight and balance factors; arithmetic devices; in-flight emergency procedures and emergency equipment; use of aircraft communication equipment, oxygen equipment, loading charts and technical orders; cargo restraint techniques and clearance requirements; and aircraft/training forms is mandatory. Graduate of an accredited loadmaster course and instructor course is mandatory. Graduate of Parachute Packing, Maintenance and Air Delivery Course, and Joint Army/Air Force Airdrop Load Inspector Certification Course is preferred. Must possess knowledge of mobility operations and load planning. Knowledge of training techniques; instructional methodology, learning processes, training curriculum and training evaluations is required. Additional knowledge of Aerial Port operations, N.B.C. operations and assault zone operations is desirable. 2. Experience Shall have ten (10) years experience as a loadmaster and not less than six (6) years experience as a Rigger/Loadmaster and instructor. Shall have had practical experience within the past three years. 3. Duties and Responsibilities a. Reports to the Base Operations Training Supervisor as a member of his staff. Functions as a Rigger/Loadmaster Instructor. b. Determines Base Mobility training requirements, develops base mobility operational procedures, reviews mobility C-130 load plans. Develops programs of instruction, lesson plans and training materials for mobility. Conducts training courses, OJT and qualification training. Maintains Base Mobility Section training records; completes and submits all training related forms or documents; and evaluates mobility training. c. Performs other duties as required by the Base Mobility Officer/Training Supervisor. The salary for this role will be 52,326 USD per annum, benefits to be confirmed.
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