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    I was a C-130B pilot assigned to the 773rd TAS, 463rd AW, Clark AB, RPI. Ended up with 620 combat hours in the Herk out of 900 total. After Clark I was a T-37 IP at Vance and Mather AFBs and later had two tours in the A-10 Warthog. I am a confirmed blunt and ugly driver!! Did 20 years in the USAF.
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    Oly, WA
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    C-17 simulator instructor

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  1. Appreciate that but I just can't seem to find it. I've looked at my map as well and just not sure. There has got to be a video out there somewhere! The reason I'm looking for the field and then maybe a video is for a crew resource management course. Thanks, Clod
  2. Pretty similar to my experience! I had just passed my AC combat check and was supposed to fly to 10,000 foot runways for a couple three days a week or something! We were coming out of DaNang and mother called and said we needed to go into "that" airfield. I told the controller that I was a "brand new AC and limited to big runways." No response. I called him back and asked if copied. His response was, " I heard that you were an AC and we need a C-130 into "Whatever," now." I went, the navigator (an old major and I was but a one LT) had a big one, reported me to the DO when we got back, yada, yada, yada.....! The DO chewed me out for not calling in to the CRB CP first but then bought me a drink at the Herky Hill Club!! Man was that great flying or what?!!
  3. I am trying to locate a TAD from the 70 - 71 timeframe. Anyone have one they'd part with?! Thanks, Clod
  4. I am trying to remember/find the name of a dirt field in Vietnam that was "kinda" hairy to get into! You landed on an upslope and from the unloading area on the opposing end a C-130 would go out of sight and then come over the ridge in full reverse! You landed one direction (on the uphill slope) and took off the other direction. Anybody remember the name?!! Thanks, Clod
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