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  1. Text not yet available from Library of Congress, but congressional website confirms it is law and has summary posted. You can find it here; http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/258
  2. Yeah, I got citations that state I was on the ground in several locations in-country. The VA won't accept any of it nor do they even want to see it. They say the only thing they will accept is a DD215 (Modified 214) which I am still waiting for. I think maybe some VA employees are making up their own requirements.
  3. I have piles of old paperwork that says I was in-country. I also have a VSM, DFC, and 7 AMs on my DD214. The VA will not accept any of it because of something not marked on the DD-214. They won't even look at the other evidence. They just give me some print outs that say a VSM is not proof of boot on the ground which is a term I never even heard of until recently. I am waiting now for a DD215 from St. Louis. Went through the county Veteran's Service Officer to get the DD215. He said it could take from a month to 6 months. Been over a month already. Where ever you young guys go keep all your paperwork! The VA does not listen to common sense and is full of bureaucratic crap heads.
  4. The switchblade would not open in the pocket of the flight suits. It had a locking slide in addition to the button. If you had the slide locked the button would not open it. I carried one the whole time I was flying and never had one open accidentally. There may have been some other models of the knife without the slide lock, but the ones I was issued always had the slide and button.
  5. Got a set of 1972 blanket orders out of CCK, but only 776 TAS crews listed on them. Sorry!
  6. Could be, but Rebel Row at TSN had revetments too.
  7. Once hauled 5 pallets of MPC. Had a grunt with M-16 sitting on each pallet. Load and look, but no touche. Hauled pallets of Playboy magazine. Hauled the legendary KC-135 tailboom all over in country.
  8. Graywolf88


    Got some more Sun Moon Lake pictures somewhere.
  9. Graywolf88


    I lied, do have some more of them uploaded. Some of these might be mine or might be R.C.s pictures. Got them mixed up.
  10. Graywolf88


    Just outside Bar Town some time 70-73 Ex on my old Honda in front yard Taichung. Think it was Enchi Loo or something like that. Fell on my head many times since then. Got piles more pictures, but not uploaded yet.
  11. Got that movie on DVD. Wondered about the 130 too.
  12. Seems like it was the Asia Hotel where we stayed on the Bangkok shuttles. Officers stayed at the Florida Hotel. Time was around 70 or 71. Could look it up on flight time records, but doesn't matter that much.
  13. Yeah, I know about the crash on Guam. It was my crew. I was grounded in Danang with my sinuses blown out from an RD. Candyman was taken to a hospital in Japan where he died from burns. Think a crew chief was on board, but no Loadmaster. I think they flew back to Ton Sun Nhut after I got grounded in Danang and picked up another Loadmaster. I had left all the information I had on it on the forum when this was herkybirds.com ..... not sure if those threads still exist.
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