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    I’m originally from Texas. After high school, I enlisted in the Air Force as an Aircraft Avionics Guidance and Control Specialist. After basic training, I reported to Keesler AFB, Mississippi to learn my job. After eight months of tech school, I reported to my first assignment at Dyess AFB, Texas working on C-130H aircraft in the 463d TAW, 773 ALS. While at Dyess, I participated in OPERATION DESERT STORM, SOUTHERN WATCH and FLOWING PEN.

    In 1996, I was reassigned to Robins AFB, Georgia to stand up the new 93rd ACW and the E-8C JSTARS. While at Robins, I deployed to support the first use of JSTARS in a Red Flag exercise and OPERATION DESERT FOCUS.

    I left the Air Force in 1999 and returned to Texas to work at Bell Helicopter’s Military Aircraft Assembly Center as a Flightline Electrician on the MV-22B Osprey. During my time as a flight electrician, I delivered nine Low Rate Initial Production, two Engineering Manufacturing and Design-Return to Flight prototypes, 12 Block A MV-22 and the only Additional Test Asset (ATA) CV-22B to the Air Force. During my last four years at Bell, I was a Senior Reliability Engineer on the H-1 Upgrades Program (UH-1Y/AH-1Z). After almost 12 years at Bell Helicopter, I decided it was time to move on.

    I moved away from flying machines and am a reliability engineer at FlightSafety International on flight simulators.
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    Reliability Engineer

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  1. Bill. This is exactly the information I was looking for. If you have an additional pics of the aircraft in the two-tome scheme while it was on active duty, I would really like o see them. The more references the better. I am curious if the spinner domes were painted black or gray. if you notice the first pic below it looks as though the the entire prop assembly is gunship gray. Which I find interesting, because the Herks I worked on were all natural metal, minus the cuffs and tips. I wonder if that was a SpecOps thing. I would have never thought that finding pics of this aircraft would be so hard. There's lots of pics of Azreal and The First Lady, but not to many of Ghost Rider. Thank you again! Steve
  2. Yeah...these are good pics, not great pics and they don't have any reference as to when they were taken. So, I'm not any further in my quest than when I started,
  3. Does anyone have any pics of Ghost Rider as it appeared in the 1992/1993 time frame? I was a GAC troop at Dyess AFB and it diverted in late one night for an RT289 change. The Pro Super couldn't get a hold of the comm/nav weekend duty person so they called me since I had comm/nav cross training. So, technically, I can say I worked on a AC-130A. I have found a few pic on the internet, but I don't know if they are the right period. Some pics have an overall gunship gray paint scheme with four bladed props, while other pics of it have it in a Shamu paint scheme with three bladed props. It's been over 20 years and my memory of that plane isn't that great, I do remember the aircraft saying "Ghost Rider" on the side of the fuselage. Can anyone out there help me? I am building models of all the aircraft I have worked in my aviation career and I would like to model this one as well. Here's a pic of 1666 that I built...
  4. I'd be interested in knowing as well...I did see that 74-1677 went to the the Afghanistan AF and 74-1665 is getting the Frankenherc treatment after a hard landing and it's going to the Afghanistan AF as well. I am trying to keep up with the current locational of all the old Dyess birds. 74-1663 and 74-1666 are at Yokota AB now.
  5. Dyess Herk nose art collage... I had no luck finding pics of ACC airframes from 1993-1997 with nose art. I contacted the 317AG Public Affairs office and Mr. Smith was able to snap a few pics of the photos and art that was on the C-130H's during the ACC years.
  6. I guess that's easier than taking them off the right way. I guess since the aircraft is considered a total write off, they stripped it of serviceable equipment and that was the easiest way to get rid of the aircraft.
  7. Yea...there's a few 40AS Herks from that time period in the Gallery, but no one seemed to capture the left side of the aircraft. Here's 1675, 39AS from that era. You can't make out the nose art. Copyright info on photo via Airliners.net. Posted under "Fair Use"
  8. Hello, I was a GAC troop at Dyess from 91-96. I remember when we transitioned from AMC to ACC, the aircraft were allowed to have nose art. Does anybody have any photos of the nose art that was on any of the aircraft during that time? I remember a few of the aircraft having some pretty impressive artwork applied to them. If I recall, 1689 was "Gizmo" and had a gremlin painted on the side of it. Aircraft 1677 was Rubber Chicken, but I don't think Howie Jack ever got his nose art approve. Do anyone have any pics of these Herks? The reason I am inquiring, is that I would like to an in-flight model an ACC 40 AS Dyess Herk, but there's not a lot of photos on the internet.
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