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  1. Actually i am just wondering is there any reason why only 2 ballast is permitted at each station? What happens if you put more lets say 3 or 4? And is there any possibility that the aileron might be distorted from the different aerodynamic load in the air hence causing the aileron to be unable to be balanced even when the maximum amount of ballast has been use.
  2. Hi i have encountered a problem with aileron re-balancing. Apparently, we cant re-balance the cg of the aileron back to the hinge despite adding the maximum amount of ballast permitable at all the balancing stations. What causes this phenomenon? Apparently there isn't any additional weight induce on the aileron due to repair however the cg just seems to shift farther away from the hinge. Also what will happen should the ballast added exceeds the allowable quantity at each individual station. Thanks.
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