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  1. On one GTC I have seen the load control thermostat changed, fuel cluster changed, fuel hold and ignition relay changed, atomizer changed, and the GTC fuel pressure regulator and fuel strainer assy all replaced. The problem never did go away, It will start without boost pump 30% of the time. Changing the GTC does not solve the problem either.
  2. I appreciate the info. I am starting to think that it is just an E model problem. A info request was sent to depot about this issue and the response in a nut shell was that E models are old and the GTC may not be able to start without a boost pump. The air crews don't like hearing that at all but like the man said it is what it is. I had a fuels guy on a stand watching the operation of the armpit valve during GTC starts with and without boost pump and he said the armpit valve was operating like it should. I have not traced the system back any farther up towards the tank tho. During ISO's we check the FHS inlets for foam and other FOD but they are almost always clean.
  3. I am having problems with a GTC not running without a boot pump. After the boost pump is turned off, about the time the manifold pressure gauge hits 5lbs the GTC dies. With a boost pump on the GTC will handle the load of the ATM and both AC packs on, the GTC will die with no load also as soon as the boost pump is turned off. I have checked the cracking pressure and it is at 61lbs, the armpit valve is working as it should. The gtc fuel filter was replaced and still no difference. Anyone ever had this problem?
  4. Hi, I am looking for the history of 66-0212. I was told that it flew in a famous prison raid in vietnam as an HC-130? In my unit we have 212, 216, 219, and 223, they are all MC-130P's now.
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