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  1. I don't know what to tell you, the engineer was absolulty correct. There was no solid film used at all. We didn't touch the heat shields and the tire don't make any more noise.
  2. I called an engineer about the issue. He told us that the popping noise was because of a lack of solid film lube between the wheel halves. We took them apart and lubed them up and now they are fine.
  3. We just received a C-130 from another unit who had already performed the carbon fiber brake TCTO. (This is our only modified aircraft) The first time we towed the aircraft, all four main tires are making an unusual popping noise like loud popcorn popping. If you put your hand on the the transducer cap you can feel it as if someone was on the other side hitting it with a ball peen hammer. First I axle jacked each wheel and spun them by hand, but couldn't duplicate the noise. I removed all the tires, inspected the brakes and wheels and replaced the bearings and hardware. It still makes the noise. Anyone ever encounter this?
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