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  1. Thanks again for getting back in touch - and thanks for the tech info, you've been a great help. I don't blame you for thinking it seems a little convoluted, I've drip-fed only fragments of information here concerning the plot (I didn't wish to start boring you all with unnecessary detail) but I assure you the screenplay is very original and in good shape (if I may so bold!). Even better now that I've enjoyed the kind assistance of everyone here who took the trouble to respond. I should point out, in case I haven't been clear, that the film isn't about the Herc - the Herc is merely the aircraft the protagonists find themselves in - at no point is the name Herc even mentioned. This means there's a fair bit of creative license likely to be involved in the interests of dramatic storytelling. I promise you, if I were making a documentary about Hercs for the Discovery Channel I'd do a great deal more research! Again, thank you for your input, you've been incredibly helpful.
  2. Me too! Obviously we're a long way off yet but it's called 'The Berserkers' and, all being well, we'll be shooting end of the year/beginning of 2015.
  3. Fred, you've been incredibly helpful, thank you so much - just what I needed!
  4. Ha! I love it, I had no idea! Actually Captain Howdy is taken from one of my favourite films; The Exorcist. I like the name even more now!
  5. Actually I have the pilots depressurizing the cabin earlier on in the movie - great minds think alike! The life raft could be a good idea (maybe not for their communications problem but something else comes to mind!) - where would that be found on the aircraft?
  6. Thanks for joining in the conversation, I really appreciate your ideas. I guess I should probably mention, these guys need to do more than just not be shot down - they need to warn of a greater threat happening on the ground, there's more at stake than just their survival - so they need to do more than just signal the F16s, they need to make contact with the authorities urgently. I may end up taking a few small liberties with what's available on this particular aircraft so heads up; I have a feeling this may be one of the movies where your wife may get a little annoyed with you!
  7. Any idea how big a safety valve is? Or even better - could you describe what it looks like or forward a link to an image? That would be great - a safety valve opens up other possibilities within the film, not just their attempts at communication.
  8. Okay, so a bit more information; the pilots are down and the plane is on auto, the civilian passengers intend to parachute down to safety but first they need to communicate with the F16 pilots - they have been identified as a terrorist threat and are over sea so there's an increasing risk of them being shot down. None of the men on board are familiar with aviation/military protocol so dipping the wings isn't something that will have occurred to them. What's the safety valve? I haven't heard of that - what is its purpose?
  9. Radios with the chutes - that could well be the answer! Fantastic idea, thanks so much!
  10. I like the idea of firing off a flare but these guys need to do more than just send a distress signal - they need to open a line of communication somehow. I didn't know there was an overhead escape though - that could be useful!
  11. Wow, there's a ton of useful info in that - thanks so much! The problem I might still face though is that these guys are civilians and won't have access to those procedures or knowledge of the C-130 or its comms - they're as clueless as me!
  12. Apologies for the double posting - I'm a total newbie!
  13. I think you're right. Or was it Executive Decision? I can't remember. But it's definitely been done. Thanks for joining in the conversation guys!
  14. Thanks for adding your thoughts. I like your thinking but for this story it works better that these guys are exposed and vulnerable - having nowhere to hide adds to the tension (I didn't mention it before but they're not alone up there!)
  15. Only just saw this reply, just responded to your private message but didn't mention anything about the extra kit on board. Yeah, I think it's pretty easy to work in duct tape and a Swiss Army Knife - I'm intrigued! Do please tell.
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