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  1. Pjvr99 : What's that sync box? FredG : Previously we also suspect the pump housing was the culprit due to unable regulate and give correct pressure to change prop blade angle according to the throttle position. After done with propeller replacement with the new Valve Housing (TSO : 0 Hrs) we still faced with the same problem.ONE more thing is, the blade angle still will change according to throttle position, but the time taken for blade angle changing was TOO SLOW and since the TQ was TOO LOW while the ENGINE drive the propeller on HIGH SPEED that's why we suspect the cause of RPM overshoot due to Engine speed was not COUNTERED by the correct TORQUE which produced by the propeller. NATOPS1 : Not a normal practice to run 2 engine, but it was just to verify on the problem, after done with a rectification, and my concern was it must be symmetrical engine to make a comparison and to avoid from aircraft swing. While the NORMAL engine OIL pressure : according to our limitation 50 - 60 psi. Indicate around 55 psi normally.
  2. Hye there, we are in progress to settle down on the defect "No 4 eng RPM overspeed 105%-106% and maintain in normal and mech gov"- During EGR found No.4 TORQUE, TIT and FUEL FLOW, LOW at crossover with RPM overshoot to 104%.INDICATION AT CROSSOVER.Torque : 1400lbs TIT: 678℃ Fuel Flow : 990RECTIFICATION BEING TAKEN :-RPM adjustment.-Blade angle adjustment.-Null orifice + wormshaft adjustment-ectm-valve housing replaced.-syncrophaser- Coordinator resistance cx- tachogene resistance cx- Dome Assembly-SATIS.Still persist after a week : -Propeller and Valve Housing replaced.- SATIS.Still persist on next day :.No.4 engine RPM overshoot to 103.3% RPM on power advance with pitch lock symptomps.+ RPM fuel governed out of limit.- pitch lock regulator - still persist.- FCU replace - SATIS.New snag after a week :No 4 engine nil low pitch stop.- Rigging blade angle and low pitch stop adjustment.-Valve housing adjustment.- Replace dome assy.- Replaced low pitch stop packing.*Still Persist.No 4 eng RPM overspeed with TORQUE, TIT and FUEL FLOW, LOW at crossover with RPM overshoot to 104%.- Replaced Back previous dome assy + low pitch stop packing.* SATIS but torque anticipation very slow during advance throttle.*Throttle already at FLIGHT IDLE, TQ remain : 1.40 lbs.-After about 10 sec TQ increase to 3.4lbs.*Advance throttle, RPM+FUEL FLOW + TIT increase with low TQ until RPM overshoot until 104.4%.- Retard throttle, RPM drop and TQ can SLOWLY can achieved 7.5lbs.-Replaced Coordinator.* Still persist.- Replace another Valve Housing.*Still persist. Anyone got idea on this synthom ?
  3. Hi guys, we are looking for solution to verify on the problem with "External electrical power unable to connect to the aircraft by using AC receptacle" for aircraft LAC : 5309 which using Electrical Supply Upgrade (ESU)'s system. While using DC receptacle it's been function normally. Hopefully all expertise out there can be any idea guide to solve this problem. Anyone ever had this problem? Any help would be great. :o
  4. We also had swapped the Nav switching Relay assembly with other aircraft AND RELEASE FOR FLYING BUT ITS STILL THE SAME.. Yes, a broken wire probably might be the main cause of the problem but to check on the wiring its quiet complicated..
  5. Yes , while selected to INS ATT the mode switch illuminate. The relay on the switching panel already try and error with swapped among each other, but the result was still the same. According to our record its had been reported since 2010, so the exact record on the initially on the problem not so clear. There are also no ACTION code display on the INS's CDU.
  6. Hi guys, we are looking for solution to verify on the problem with "Pilot ADI"s Computer and Gyro Flag inview while select on "INS ATT" mode (Satisfactory while put to "GYRO Mode"). Accompanied with "AP Failed" and "Computer Fail" light illuminate.Pilot had been reported, it happen inflight.While, One of the symptoms, it only happen in flight but sometimes happen on ground and after remove and refitted a few component, it dissappeared on ground.But its happen again inflight. We already swapped most of the major component related to the system with No.2/Co-Pilot but after come back from flying its still happen at Pilot side. The component had been swapped and sometime we had replaced with a new one : - Vertical Gyro - Autopilot Amplifier - Initial Navigation Unit - Flight Computer - Air Data Control - Nav INS switching relay - CDU/INU switching Unit - Mode Coupler - Directional Gyro - INU Battery Unit Anyone ever had this problem? Any help would be great. Many Thanks. :)
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