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    Was stationed tdy at Ubon rtab between march and may of 1968. I was assigned to radio shop and flew on 3 blind bat missions. Saw in the book Trash Haulers about 56-0477 curiously I check old paper work I had and could'nt believe I had flown a mission 5 weeks earlier on it. It seems strange people wondering why non crew members where on blindbat and lamplighter missions. It was common practice for maintenance people tdy form Naha to fly to get combat pay and tax exemptions. Also had some strange experiences pertaining to Gary Pate when my brother was air force liaison officer for full accounting of MIA in Southeast asia. Anyone can contact me I live in Tampa
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  1. Always wondered about hush missions on unmarked silver C-130a's in 1960's. I was in 374th fms comm nav shop I think at the time we had three guys that crewed them out of our shop. It was all classified stuff at the time but sort of thought they supported lima site in Laos. Last day at Naha I got the pleasure to go to Kadena for a UHF radio problem seemed funny they sent a staff car to carry me and a good radio up island. When I got there I saw seven C-130's behind two or three fences all with armed air police and german shepherds I did have a clue. They finally got me to the plane with a broke
  2. Not really up to date on Clarks 130's but in 68 they were flying B models got stuck at Clark for five beautiful days later summers 1968. Left CamRahn going back to Naha plane deverted due to typhoon missed the flight back to Okinawa had to catch a Clark B model going to corrosion treatment in Naha sweet ride compared to an old A model
  3. You have the right month but missed the tail# by 1 it was 56-0476 I was a radio repairman 30150 TDY from Naha flew a mission 3 weeks before on her rotated back to Naha before she went down. I have strange story about Gary Pate a loadmaster lost on this aircraft.( [email protected] )
  4. It was a Naha aircraft what squadron I do not know. At the time Blindbat was strictly a Naha manned operation Tachi supported the mission out of camrahn bay for in country trash hauling I spent two months there late summer of 68. I was at Ubon March April and May the same year I was an aircraft radio tech AFSC 30150
  5. I was assigned to a two month TDY from Naha 374th fms spring of 1968 I flew on three Blindbat missions. I read about how did a maint. guy wind up on 56-0477 well when I was there all you did was schedule it if you where part of the Blindbat mission regardless if you were on flight status. It was a way people could get combat pay and tax exemptions. I read McGowans book Trash Haulers never realized one of my three missions was on 56-0477 a little over a month before it was lost. Also had some strange happenings over Gary Pate who I knew but not very well. My brother was liaison officer for the
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