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  1. At this point I am not convinced it is one particular place over another. Comparing the bleed down times is a great idea, I'll get back to you on the results. About all I have to go on is that it only shows when the engine is in reverse for an extended period of time then the a normal full stop landing. Once the prop comes out of beta and normal airflow through the nacelle resumes, the light extinguishes. I am away from home station and have little resources to fabricate a plug to be able to pressurize all the nacelle ducting independently from the rest of the bleed sys with some shop air. I am going to head back out to the plane to troubleshoot some more and let you know what I find. Thanks!
  2. Having a problem finding a bleed air leak within the nacelle when the engine (-15) is in reverse for a slightly longer period of time then normal. Felt around each clamp the best I could with the engine running with no joy. The problem with that is you can't hear the leak for obvious reasons and it is quite the challenge to feel the leak with all the air blowing around you. I am all out of ideas on how to troubleshoot. Any ideas or past experiences with this issue is greatly appreciated!
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