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  1. So let me get this straight, someone raises the point a picture was used without his permission and brings to light how the concept of copyright works, in addition doesn\'t demand the pic removed but simply that credit is given and he is to be just thrown off the site because as far as you are concerned it\'s too much work to give credit to copyrighted material? I have to tell you that sounds so American. You should be ashamed of yourself that you brought up this country\'s freedom and said something like that. Just because this site is dedicated to a certain airframe doesn\'t mean your above anything. You should keep that in mind.
  2. Hard to say, even if you are claiming fair use permission should be sought in addition to the copyright info not being removed. Most people are not going to demand anything of you monetary wise or such but credit and source has to be named. apples and oranges I doubt it, your overstating the fact. The worst you encounter is some immature photog that hoots and hollers and demands u take his pic down.
  3. Thanks! Much appreciated. Hey just remembered I have this one shot of one of the Raiders. Working on another I took that has the black tail. [img size=150]
  4. Thanks! I have wintered in IFP for 8 years and have been chasing the certain 130s that come in there for a long time. I am so glad it turned out to be such a ghost and the morning light couldn\'t be better not to mention I had to sprint to get in position. All in all one of the best mornings spotting. Well as Bob stated he acquired the photo from someone who probably chopped off the copright bar, happens a lot I am afraid. In no way did I accuse anyone here of stealing it, just merley asked they are a bit careful with images they get. I appreciate your efforts in this matter. As I said we are all spotters and enthusiasts. I am working on some pics I took of the Raiders from Miramar that freqent IFP now will post them here as soon as I can.
  5. If you are referring to me no my name is Nick. I think I made it perfectly clear that you did not have to take my picture down and in no way am I pissing and moaning. Wrong again. Though I may not be a \"Herc\" guy in your book I enjoy the C130 quite a bit and went through quite a lot to get that shot under those conditions. Oh my, sir if you are going to blurt out stuff please have some sources to back it up. I took the pic, I have the NEF file, (orig) and the jpeg version has my name on it. Trust me it\'s mine. I did intend to share it, which is why I uploaded it to the biggest aviation site in the world with my name on it. Have you read any of this thread? This is true but you should still seek permission from the photographer. I did not in any way say I was going to seek anything for the use of the pic and I granted this site permission to use it. Again I don\'t know why you are overreacting, I didn\'t say I was going to enter into a legal hassle with this site. I could have done any number of things to be an *sshole about this but as a fellow aviation enthusiast I granted permission.
  6. Your question reeks of sarcasim but in case it was an honest question no you are still reproducing copyrighted material and you would need my permission. Once a picture is taken from someone without persmission no, even though a third party is not made aware of it. If it is a pic on the internet it will have the photogs name on it. As we have seen some participate in the practice of removing this info. There is no place to find a listing other than the sites the pictures are hosted on if you know what site it is. It is a step in the right direction though if you get a photog that demands it taken down you have to comply. Don\'t think it will come to that. Just a little more effort on trying to find and name sources would be enough. Most av-photogs would just love an email asking permission to use the photo and they will comply.
  7. You answered your own question. Alot of US posted OUR pics on this site. Little different than going to another site and taking a pic of someone elses and posting wouldn\'t you say? Not complaining just merely pointing out the obvious. If this is something that you don\'t agree with fine. Yet the facts speak for themselves. See, it is this attitude and lack or respect of copyright laws that renders conversations on this topic useless. I suggest you do a little research about photography and copyright law and how it works. Then we can discuss the matter. I took the pic, it\'s mine. None was needed, what is funny is that my friend in the admin office was on the phone with the crew shortly before takeoff and told them and they said fine. Also I do a lot of work for IFP and have thier permission to be on the property. If you are ever there check behind the ticket counters. You will see more of my work in big size. With the copyright bar still included on the bottom. My lord... I took that shot too buddy, I can do whatever I want, it\'s mine. http://www.airspaceonline.com/photos/cpg1414/displayimage.php?pid=228&fullsize=1
  8. Fact remains that it is the responsibility of the person posting the pics to name sources. Claiming ingorance is great but I could just easily demanded the pic taken down immediately or credit given. Someone along the lines took the time to take my work, open it in PS and chop my name off. This is BS. As for \"coming from anywhere\" Truth be told the majority of them are coming from airliners.net. I am not saying Bob stole anything but it is this laid back attitude about posting pics without knowing or putting any effort into finding out where they came from. Copyright laws are clear cut and very easy to understand and are stated clearly on the site where the pics are stolen. A little more thought should go into right clicking and saving something you find on the net. That is all I am saying. Scary..
  9. Sorry for the bump guys but I am the photog that took the picture of this ghost at IFP being used in this thread (1397). In fact the photo that was used was taken from airliners.net and the copyright bar with my name removed. Here it is. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Lockheed-Martin-L-100-30/1320241/L/ Now I don\'t mind anyone using my photos for fair use to be used as noteworthy pictures in articles and threads such as this but to remove my name and not to name the source of pics used is not very nice. We are all aviation enthusiasts and speak the same langauge. I never turn down requests to use my work or wouldn\'t even care if you used it without asking but the copyright should have remained. If you read the words on top of the pic on anet it clearly states the copyright and use guidelines. Not to ge back on topic this ghost flew in with 4 blackhawks one afternoon in Bullhead and I was lucky enough to get back out in the morning to get her as she left early. The crew was very nice and my friend who runs the admin office at the airport spoke to them on the phone right before departure. They saw me getting into position to snap a few shots and were actually waving at me. It was pretty awesome considering who these people were. Here is my thread from a local NY site about this ghost. It was recently at ISP which is 5 mins from my summer residence. I was not there but another local was who works there was and he got a couple of shots. http://www.nycaviation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=9990&start=0 One of the highlights of my winter in Nevada was getting this military mystery! Very good stuff indeed. Anybody here that knows anything more please add!
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