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  1. 1. Yes brakes release momentarily and allow wheels / tyres to turn a bit and then re-engage and it continues. At times brakes totally release and aircraft starts moving. There is no skidding at all. Brakes give abnormal noise while releasing. 2. All four wheels / tyres have been observed turning. 3. Aircraft is on runway made of bitumen, its not oily, greasy or sandy. 4. Tyre pressure remained in the range of 80+-5 psi. 5. No, these are not new disks. 6. Elevation from sea level is 1668 feet and OAT varies from 28 to 37 degree Charlie. 7. Aircraft weight is 172000 lbs excluding fuel (fuel var
  2. We are experiencing a bit strange problem of single disc (mark-1) brakes not holding B-model aircraft at and above cross-over setting on all four engines. It is happening both in case of parking and pedal pressure braking. It is understood that single disc brakes were designed for T56A7 engines having take-off TIT of 970 whereas subject B-model is fitted with T56A15 engines having take-off TIT of 1085 (thus more torque). Brake assemblies, brake control valves, brake selector valves, brake accumulators, shuttle valves, relief valve have been replaced. Brake pressures have been found normal (170
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