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  1. I was stationed with the 453rd OMS Dyess AFB 81-83. I worked ISO, however being an airman that lost strips before I got them I was working the Wash Rack that week with Airman Williams. (we're still best friends) April 13 1982 AC,74-1678 crashed over turkey. I forget what time it was when we heard, We all knew it was Pam's plane, hit me hard as she had kinda taken me under her wing. As I remember Airman Mark Deerzack was also on board, however I can find no info on that. I was at the funeral, I especially remember the C-130 fly over. Something is very odd as I found an old Turkey news paper clipping referring to that crash, Same date, same engine separation result everything except the names of the dead. Mark Nor Pam are listed.
  2. I was with the 463rd OMS 1981-83 Dyess AFB. I didn't get out much as I was ISO. I worked in the hanger doing heavy checks. I also heard a story of a Crew Chief taking a C-130 while on Rotation. It was all about his girl friend/wife. Probably folk lore.
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