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  1. I hope not. I do hope. I can see the plane again and know for sure. Thanks for trying.
  2. Okay. I know I'm behind. Ive been out of town away from work. So friday I changed the servo to a new one and sat a new air speed sensor was installed, the one that is about the size of a beer can, Monday it flew and was signed off as good to go. Not sure about my confidence that it will fix it long term but over all at the time it's fixed. Thank you.for all the assistance and information.
  3. Yes the trim mon works. The normal trim system does work as advertised. Parts changed list. Elevator servo, flight director 1, autopilot amp, both adcs, the ads, both mode couplers, pilots mode selector, accerationtion sensor was changed once during this issue in 2011 it's due to be changed again.
  4. Yep.93-1041 Flew they noted that the trim lights were working and that there is feeling of "trying" to correct just that it felt weak. So weak that it can't maintain the hold. However, with just AP not coupled to flight director the feel is stronger to move the elevator with the servo.
  5. Yes, both copilot and pilot side provide the issue. ALT SEL does work on the ground with the ttu. Tail number 1041. All lights do illuminate as they should. As of yesterday the autopilot breakout box was used as well with no faults found. It's due to fly this am for ops check.
  6. We have a bird that has had an alt hold write-up since about 2010. It has been through CWB change in 2014 and a PDM 2016. The fail is that once level flight is established alt hold is engaged, all ann lights req do come on, the plane does not hold alt. It begins to fall. Flight director is good the bars appear on the ADI to pull up or down as needed however the elevators do not move, and there is no trim light to indicate it is trying to correct at all. On the ground it cannot be duplicated with the ttu. All parts have been changed or swapped no change.
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