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  1. Thank you hehe and rc. All help is appreciated. Randie Fort Smith, AR (KFSM)
  2. Thank you all for the replies. Robert has given me a great starting point. Randie Coulter Fort Smith, AR (KFSM)
  3. First an introduction..... my name id Randie Coulter, I am an aircraft enthusiast and scale modeler. I live in Fort Smith, AR right in the flight path of incoming and outgoing flights to and from KFSM. A lot of those flights are C-130 training flights out of Little Rock. Right out of high school I worked for TBM, Inc. at Sequoia Field, CA just North of Visalia. When I was there, they flew B-17s and F7Fs in fire fighting operations. Later, they acquired 3 C-130A aircraft that were utilized in the same capacity. The company still exists but now resides at Castle in Atwater, CA. They are still operating 1 C-130 and they have another 2 sitting in storage at the Visalia Municipal Airport. One of their C-130s was one of the original 'Four Horsemen' flight demonstration team and was recently donated to the Castle Air Museum for restoration. Anyway, enough of that. I didn't know exactly where to put this question but, this seemed like the logical place. As I stated, I am a scale modeler and I build only aerial fire fighting aircraft. Recently two of my friends, Bryan Baker and John Gallaher, went to work for COULSON. Bryan is flying tanker 131 (C-130Q) while John is flying 132 (382G). From the references I have found, the 382E & F have a 5' section added in front of the wing and a 3' 4" section aft of the wing. Then they say the 382 G had an additional 6' 8" added to the fuselage. Here in lies the question..... is the addition addition in front of the wing? I am thinking it is but, I want to be sure as I will be cutting up 2 C-130 kits to make this conversion. Thanks in advance for any and all help in this matter. Randie Coulter Fort Smith, AR (KFSM)
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