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  1. Thanks Hehe, just what I was looking for. Jim
  2. Sorry for the intrusion by a non flyer, but I am looking for online reference regarding the placement and configuration of the electroluminescent formation lights on a C-130H. The info is for the purposes of detailing a 1/25 scale flying RC model. I have included simulated lights for the fuselage and vertical stab since they are readily visible in most photos. Photos that show the slime lights on the top and bottom of the wings, fuselage and horizontal stab are harder to find. Is anyone here familiar with any photos or diagrams that would help? Thanks for your time. Photo attached is the model I am working on with a 1/25 scale Humvee for reference. Jim
  3. Don, thanks. That is exactly what I am looking for, but a newer version for the current scheme. Jim
  4. I am going to be painting and lettering a radio control C-130H model in the near future. I plan to replicate a WVANG craft. I have some photos of the plane I want to model, but I was wondering if there is a source, short of trying to contact someone at the Guard or AF, for paint and lettering diagrams that show placement and size of the various lettering and markings on the plane? Thanks for any help Jim
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