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  1. When I brought it up to flight idle, the engine got cooler significantly, and with increase in throttle I did not get higher TIT, fuel flow or tunnel speed.
  2. When I started again I decided to bring the engine up to Flight idle. Then I tried increasing throttle, it doesn't seem that my throttle is changing the blade angle.
  3. Start TIT was 1680F RPM is 73 Percent and Fuel Flow is over 800PPH
  4. I have an old 501D13, (T56) built in 1954. We use it to pull air through a wind tunnel. I had to swap it out with an engine that was sitting in an engine can for 5 years. The new engine is giving me hot starts and high fuel flow at ground idle. I checked and rechecked the rigging. Swapped the TD valve and fuel control. This engine is unique, it does not have a TD amp, or TD control. Any ideas at what else I can look at or swap out to see if I can get this problem fixed? Its a difficult problem to diagnose because its run by a computer using a PLC.
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