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  2. The hydraulic shop was in the same hanger as the Dynalectron people were in. They were doing all kinds of mods and sheet metal work on the A's. We had to go thru the hanger to the latrines and to the FMS orderly room. I remember the hanger was really noisey and rhw work went on 24 hrs a day. At CRB the mlg brake wear got so bad we began overhauling them on the aircraft. The crew chief and hyd man would jack the wheel up, pop it off ( i remember the ones with the wire in them ) and begin over hauling the brake. At CRB it seemed the differant shops were helping any one who needed it. I can remember helping out when a A model was being rigged for max pack. Those were truley " The Good Old Days".
  3. Would like a few of these, whats the procedure of getting them. Thanks, Jim Hamm, Blindbat 1968.
  4. Maj Ray was the Maint Officer while I was with Blind Bat Jan-Mar 68 at Ubon. Never did see him again when I rotated back to Naha.
  5. I was there from Apr 63 to May 64 in the 516 FMS Hydraulic Shop. Went to Alaska with the D models.
  6. At one point when I was there TDY from Naha, we repaired the brakes right on the aircraft. The ones from supply were FUBARED to all get out that the line chiefs were ready to try anything to get the birds going again. I even remember pulling one brake off, capping the lines, putting the brake in the cargo compartment as the ac was being prepped to return to Naha. The brakes, along with the rest of the systems, really took a beating. Those were the Good Ole Days.
  7. Any one outhere have the 516TCW year book that was published in 1963-1964? I have lost mine over the years and would like to borrow one or if some one could make copies of a few pages out of it. I would cover any expenses. I was at Dyess in 63 and went to Elmendorf when the D\'s xferred. I was a \"Bubble-Chaser\" at that time. :)
  8. Surely, must be a Sheet Metal mechanic.
  9. Please post your photos, I may recognize some one.
  10. I think I remember that tail number from Det # 2, 834 AD at CRB in 1967.
  11. My \"Good Ole Days\" began at Dyess AFB Texas in April 1963, my first job on a C-130D looking for a hydraulic leak on 488. It was nice when it was turned into a -6, that fixed the ski leaks.
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